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How to buy a power adapter?
The power adapter is actually a small transformer, but its internal structure is quite different from that of the transformer. What many people want to know is not what it is, but whether this power adapter can charge my mobile device. And how to buy it? Today, Yongleton will tell you:
Power Adapter
1. The output voltage of the adapter is preferably equal to the voltage required by the notebook. If it is different, it is as close as possible to the required voltage of the notebook, and the control is within ±5% error. This is because the voltage regulator circuit in the notebook is generally more than enough. The quantity design can work normally and stably when the input voltage changes within a certain range; beyond this range, the voltage is too low, the computer may work unstable or even light the machine; if the voltage is too high, the voltage regulator circuit inside the computer may be burned off. .
2. The large output current of the adapter is as close as possible to the large current required by the notebook. If it is different, it must be equal to or greater than the current required by the notebook. Note: As long as the current is large, you don’t have to worry about it. Don't be afraid, don't worry about burning the machine! However, the current should not be too small, as unstable conditions such as screen flicker may occur.
3. Adapter's output interface and output polarity (pay attention to the positive and negative) problem, you must first ensure that the purchased adapter can be inserted into your laptop, otherwise the working parameters are exactly the same, but if you can't insert it, what do you have? Use it. Due to the independence of major notebook manufacturers, the adapter connectors of different brands are different. The series of notebook adapters of the same brand are generally the same size connector, but sometimes different brands may use the same interface, and the specific conditions are treated separately.
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