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Switching power adapter application
Application is social demand, social demand is the driving force of technology development, and the development process of switching power adapter clearly shows this. At present, the development of computers is very rapid. The low-power electronic products represented by them are the main application fields of switching power adapters, and it is precisely because of the successful application in the field of low power that soft-switching technology is the most mature in the field of low-power. . In addition to computers, switching power adapters are widely used in a variety of electronic devices. It can be said that all electronic devices are always inseparable from the power adapter, and the power adapter is used as a power adapter. This is almost a regularity.
In addition, in the industrial field, there are many motors used, and a large number of servo motors are used. In general, servo motors can be divided into two categories: DC and AC. In the long run, servo motors are of course the world of communication. This is beyond doubt. However, at present, there is an important position for the DC motor, and most of the power supply system of the DC servo motor uses a 5V1A power adapter.
In the field of medium power and even higher power, traditional phase-controlled power adapters are used more. But now, the use of switching power adapters has gradually become a trend. Because the advantages of the switching power adapter are very obvious, its application in the power operation power adapter and the communication power adapter is also very successful. Due to the development of the power MOSFET parallel technology, it has also been successfully developed in the welding power adapter and the electroplating power adapter, and Has been gradually accepted by the market.
Switching power adapter technology belongs to the category of power electronics technology and plays an important role in power electronics technology. No one will deny this point of view. But switching power adapter technology is born in the field of analog electronics. In the 1960s, when technicians working in the rectifier industry were keen on the research of thyristor phased power adapters, the shortcomings of linear power adapters for various electronic devices have been fully demonstrated, requiring an alternative to new technologies.
Therefore, engineers and technicians engaged in electronic technology research and development conformed to this market demand, developed switching power adapter technology, and quickly achieved success, making it a mainstream technology. It is for this reason that most of the early and mid-term books on switching power adapters were written by scholars and technicians working on analog electronics.
Power electronics can be described by the inverted triangles in Figure 1-5, which is formed by the intersection of three disciplines: electrical, electronics, and control theory. This view has been widely accepted around the world. This shows that the generation of power electronics technology has a very close relationship with electronic technology, and the process of generating switching power adapter technology clearly illustrates this point.
With the deepening of research on switching power adapter technology, not only the performance of the small power switching power adapter is further improved, but also the technology is brilliant in the range of medium power and above. At present, switching power adapters are becoming more and more widely used. It can be said that in addition to a large power range, wherever a DC power adapter is used, one would think of a switching power adapter. As a basic technology, switching power adapter technology will occupy a more important position.
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